Improving Cambodian Society through Skillful Parenting

Promoting Skillful Parenting in Cambodia to equip parents and caregivers with knowledge, skills and confidence to foster a safe, non-violent and positive family environment to prevent and reduce violence against women and children

What We Do?





What is Skillful Parenting?

SKILLFUL PARENTING provides a holistic approach that reinforces positive parenting practices and empowering parents/caregivers to:

  1. Increase positive solutions in bringing up children
  2. Promote and facilitate child’s health, development, achievement and protection
  3. Reduce stress, fewer problems, more satisfying with parenting and family life, and to preserve the couple relationship and, in general, improve family well-being and prevent unnecessary child-family separation.
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Why Parenting in Cambodia?

The CVACS (2013 Cambodian Violence Against Children Survey) revealed that violence against children is widespread in Cambodia. More than 50% of children experience physical violence, and one-quarter of Cambodian children experience emotional violence. The survey also found a key role for parents and caregivers in the persistence of violence against children in Cambodia. First, parents and caregivers are common perpetrators of physical and emotional violence against children. Second, children are commonly exposed to violence between adults in the home. Among the 13-17-year-olds who said they had witnessed physical violence in the home, 37.4% of females and 34.7% of males said they had witnessed such violence in the past 12 months. Third, parents and caregivers struggle to protect their children from violence in multiple settings where children live, including the home and school.

How Does Skillful Parenting Work for Parents/Caregivers?

Under the guidance of a professional facilitator, parents/caregivers are provided with a safe platform for discussion and sharing on different topics. The work with parent peer groups ensures social comparison, joint reflection and ongoing support.

The components of the behavior change model for Skillful Parenting are addressed in the different modules below: providing knowledge, addressing the risks of not providing adequate care and protection to children, and strengthening parents’ belief that they can take action to change (self-efficacy).

Parenting is strongly influenced by culture, history and other contextual factors. This program does not aim to tell parents “this is how you have to do it” but rather wants to help parents in their task of raising children by choosing what works best for them and their family.

Family Budgeting model focuses on the main challenge to manage money: behavior changes, self-motivation and community/family impact, and uses highly participatory methods in order to increase what participants implement.