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ICS-SP has provided technical support to assist MoWA in the development of positive parenting toolkit, provide capacity building of positive parenting workforce, and support the piloting of positive parenting intervention support level 2 for at risk parents/caregivers in community. So far, the Positive Parenting toolkit level 1 and 2 have been officially approved by MoWA, and it is required to roll out the intervention support for parents and caregivers in the at risk communities by exploring cooperation with CSOs.

With the ever growing over-indebtedness issue in Cambodia, our partnership from 2017 aims to reach more Khmer people and NGOs, and contribute to building more harmonious and resilient Cambodian families. a + b = 3 (a and b make 3) is an international social enterprise that aims to help people make more responsible, ethical and mindful decisions with money, reduce financial vulnerability and nurture more harmonious lives, communities and society, by designing financial education program, and empowering NGOs to implement them.

3PC (Partnership Program for Protecting Children) under Friends International has recently conducted training need assessment (TNA) among their eleven NGOs partners and government in order to gain insight what specific capacity needed and can be offered by partners. As result, content of Skillful Parenting was provided as one of key training that can be trained for the partners by 2017.

Family Care First is an ever-growing partnership, comprised of global and community partners from all sectors committed to increasing the percentage of children living in safe, nurturing and family based care. ICS-SP is one of Thematic Sub-Group (3) members to contribute Skillful Parenting expertise to strengthen family and community structures in order  to prevent unnecessary child-family separation and enable healthy child development in a permanent family.

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