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The end of 2015 marked a new beginning for Skillful Parenting since ICS phased out its programs in Cambodia and the Skillful Parenting program continued under a new local NGO; ICS-SP Cambodia. 2015 was an exciting year in terms of policy influencing, evidence building and scaling up Skillful Parenting. UNICEF Cambodia invited ICS-SP to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) to develop a national toolkit on “Positive Parenting”. Download full report: ICS-SP Annual Report 2015_final version edited


ICS-SP is a Cambodian local, non-religious and non-governmental organization. It was born out of the Skillful Parenting program that was started in 2013 in Cambodia by the INGO Investing in Children and their Society (ICS). ICS-SP  aims to become the expert organization on Skillful Parenting in Cambodia and the region.


Skillful Parenting is not an education program. But, it is a support program that reinforces positive parenting practices, empowering parents/caregivers to:

  • Address challenges that they face in bringing up their children.
  • Better promote and facilitate their child’s health, development, achievement and protection.
  • Raise children with less stress, fewer problems, more satisfaction with parenting and family life, and to foster or preserve the couple relationship and, in general, improve family well-being.

Download: ICS SP Factsheet


Initially, there are 3 main programs focused below:

Capacity building of like-minded organizations on Skillful Parenting

ICS-SP aims to become a recognized training agency providing training to other organizations or institutions to incorporate skillful parenting in their programs. ICS-SP chooses to structure this activity as a training business as this will allow ICS-SP to reach out to a large number of parents and caregivers in different parts and segments of Cambodian society in a financially sustainable way. International development agencies, local civil society and government agencies will pay a training fee for their staff to be trained as facilitators on skillful parenting. ICS-SP will provide a number of free scholarships per year to smaller local organizations that are in need of Skillful Parenting, but without resources to pay for a training.

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Provide Skillful Parenting at community level

ICS-SP aims to scale-up its direct implementation of Skillful Parenting in the coming 5 years to support vulnerable parents/caregivers to foster a non-violent and caring home environment and better able to protect their children in and outside of the home.

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Promote Skillful Parenting knowledge, sharing and utilization at national and regional level

ICS-SP aims to provide a platform for stakeholders from different entities both locally and nationally to share experiences, results and best practices of parenting interventions preventing violence against women and children with the goal of strengthening existing programming as well as joint policy influencing. This will be done in partnership with the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). Also, ICS-SP will connect relevant with parenting networks on a regional and international level to enhance its expertise on parenting.

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